Amelia Himan is a worker at her Family farm just outside of Gigarte. She is Played by Jonahman10.

Amelia Himan

Hope, Amelia, and Austin


Gigarte Grotto Takes placeEdit

War Against Drugs takes placeEdit

  • She joins investigation efforts of The Gigarte Grotto Disaster.

Starfall FieldEdit

  • Amelia loses a truck and a trailer
  • Amelia meets a mysterious man who accidently crashed into her cart, but eventually saved Amelia and her Uncle Joe from a fiery death

Gigarte GemmaEdit

  • Meets Liz, Darius and Fenrir
  • Helps Mr. Darsey with his farming issues
  • Thwarts a mysterious plot related to the Gigarte Grotto Disaster in an outer region near the agricultural center.
  • Hope evolves in Vespiquen, Austin evolves into Pidgeotto.

Auspicious Accolades:Edit

Team Composition Achievements:Edit


Character Profile Achievements:Edit

Wikimania: I wonder...

Gold Digger: Money for her business

Treehugger: Is From Gigarte

Roleplaying Achievements:Edit

Near-Death Experience: The Gigarte Grotto Disaster was Partially her faul

Mt. Vesuvius

United We Stand

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