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In the Eastern Sector of Furoh you can find a quaint homestead called Baccate Town. Here, all varieties of trainers are encouraged to learn about Berries and Apricorns and their effect on Pokemon.

Attractions of Baccate Town[]

Baccate Town is a quaint little affair to East of Port Barley where the warm winds of the northern desert keep the locals’ spirits high and lazy showers fall to water the verdant orchards that herald the town’s name. Baccate, meaning “berry-like” is the perfect description for a town that specialises in the cultivation of all sixty-four known species of berry and seven varieties of apricorn.

Travelers coming to Baccate Town are usually first struck by the sweet aroma that fills the air in the little eastern valley and it is not uncommon for Pokemon to become enraptured by the scent. Advancing into the town proper, all sorts of trainers can find something useful to learn and the people there are so friendly that they are willing to even take in trainers to give lessons in botany with the hope that word will be passed on to the larger cities elsewhere.

The Bloomfields are Baccate Town’s local celebrities and most trainers are guided in the family’s direction during their stay.

Mr Bloomfield[]

An impatient soul who rushes to and fro, often tripping over, to collect apricorns from his orchard to take to his workshop. There, he is in communication with Kurt of Azalea Town – sharing information on how best to prepare certain types of Pokeball from the fruit that they cultivate. If you catch him in a good mood, Mr Bloomfield is more than happy to share his Pokeballs with anyone who takes an interest. His Bibarel is a perfect partner for chiselling away at tough apricorn shells.

Mrs Bloomfield[]

A plump woman with rosy red cheeks and a fat scarlet smile. Smells from her kitchen are always delicious and inside trainers can expect to find berries and apricorns everywhere – all labelled up carefully for their use in any of the recipes to create PokéBlock, Poffins or ApriShakes. Come by when she is cooking and Mrs Bloomfield is sure to pass on a PokéBlock or Poffin Case. Accompanied by a matronly Chansey, Mrs Bloomfield can prepare extravagant banquets in mere minutes.

Adam Bloomfield[]

A young teen and keen to battle trainers, his secret weapon can be found all around him. Using his own orchard of berry trees, Adam gets his Pokemon to eat certain fruit in order to turn the tides of battle. Beat him and his Tangela in battle and he’s sure to give up some of his harvest.

Eve Bloomfield[]

Timid and never far from her Squirtbottle and Wailmer Pail. She cultivates the majority of the crops of Baccate Town with the help of her Beautifly who pollinates the berry plants while feeding on their sweet nectar.

Baccate Town: A History[]