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The Barley Boardwalk is a large shopping center facing the blue ocean. Visitors walk upon an aged but sturdy

A view of the ocean from the boardwalk.

wood deck as they traverse the bounty of shopping outlets. Tenants range from tiny local shops (including an excess of sea shell shops) to large department stores often seen in malls. Of course, the usual mainstays such as the pokemon center and pokemart are present. The southern end marks the beach access and the local Pokemon Fan Club. The northern end is marked by a warehouse district. Any PANE member may use his landmark in an RP so long as it isn't destroyed. Anything new added should be added to this wiki.

List of vendors[]

  • Barley Beach- Your basic public beach. Good place to catch water types and Wingull.
  • Haunted House- only open on special occasions. Visitors pay to get scared out of their minds, often by the tricks of ghost pokemon. If they aren't scared of the various props and special effects, perhaps they have what it takes to catch one of the ghostly inhabitants...
  • Pharmacy
  • Pokecenter- Some have difficulty locating the pokecenter, as it isn't near the ferry stations. New trainers may have to search around a bit.
  • Pokemart
  • Pokemon Fan Club- Run by retired surfing champ, Pete "The Prinplup Prince" Finnigan, the club is a new trainer's source of information of Furoh and their respective craft. it also serves as a lodging option when Barley is particularly packed with tourists and trainers just starting their journey.
  • Vendor Carts- Often seen in malls, these carts carry an assortment of items, from souvenirs to food to mp3 accessories, etc. The types of carts hanging around depends on the day of the week and even the time of day.
  • Warehouse District- Basically, a bunch of warehouses used by merchants, sailors and others to store goods. It is rumored that a black market is hidden among the maze of buildings, though it has escaped police radar. Several of the warehouses are abandoned, providing homes to various urban pokemon.


The Barley Boardwalk sometimes holds special events at certain times of the year.

Fall Festival- The Fall Festival marks the end of summer beach season with the opening of the Haunted House. The boardwalk is decorated with red, orange, yellow, and brown streamers and warm apple cider replaces slushees as the official drink of the boardwalk. Many of the stores hold big sales for visitors, making this the unofficial start of holiday shopping.

Barley Boardwalk in RPs[]

A Bonanza of Boutiques, Bazaars, and Burglary in Beautiful Barley- 1st appearance. Depicts typical summer day at the boardwalk