Brone Berdison is an NPC character created and played by Umbrae Calamitas, as the older brother of her GTS Plus PANE character, Tuesday Ilia Berdison.

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Although tall, Brone has an appearance of fraility in his thin figure and sickly-pale skin. His hair is blonde and perpetually messy because it chooses to grow all over the place, no matter how much one might try to brush it. Brone's eyes are blue, but the white film that covers them from his blindness gives them a faded appearance, to the point that his eyes are almost completely white - something that often bothers people to see. Brone, however, chooses not to wear sunglasses, with the explanation, "They don't do anything for me."

Brone generally wears blue jeans, sneakers, a black shirt, and a tan jacket. He carries a white cane with him for use when his kadabra is not around, and he keeps a thin brown leash in his pocket, for when Dapit-hadon leads him, rather than Cassandra. Brone is rarely seen without either an expression of thoughtfulness or a softly-amused smile on his face.

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Brone is well aware of both his psychic awareness and people's reactions to the knowledge of his powers. Although he has an incredible knowledge of the future, he does his best not to sound overly knowledgeable about anything or anyone. He often fails in this, however; especially when his awareness touches on something that he feel his must contribute to, such as discovering an aspiring psychic and having the ability to show him the proper path.

A very kind-hearted individual,

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