Castor is a character played by Kranic of the Global Trading Station forums. His first appearence was in Sailors and a Golden Magikarp.

Castor Garnet












Olivine City

Trainer InformationEdit


Castor is a very fitting height for his personality, not absurdly tall, but still a sight, atleast for his age. Being 14 year olds, Castor stands at 5 feet, 8 inches, weighing in at 130 pounds, not too horrible for his size, Castor is rather, amazing. His hair is pretty thick and very black, but still manages to give off a luster in certain lights, he doesn't put much effort into taming it and only leaves two bangs hand out from the front of his bandana, letting whatever amount of hair just seep out from the back. His face is rather round and circle in to give more attention to his (manly) mischevious grin and powerful brown, nearly red, eyes. To give more emphasise on the color brown, Castor's skin is a sensative shade of it. Much pass the cliche tan, Castor takes ackowledgement and happiness with his skin color and furthermore his appearence in general.

Castor wears a fit for his adventure, based off a trainer who he saw from Stark Island a little before he left for his journey, although distinctively difference. Instead of silly black shorts, Castor wears manly black jeans, to cover his inadequet legs. His shirts looks much like the trainer he had seen on television before his adventure began, but the design on the shirt is a tad bit different, Castor's shirt seems to show more mountains, but it was a rather subtle difference. Asides from that, Castor's outfit is his own. He wears a red bandana he rarely takes off unless a forces him to, and even then, it takes a lot of effort to even get it to budge. His shoes are just a pair of simple red converses that he wears just to match his outfit. He has a gold chain coming from his wallet to hold onto his wallet from a belt loop. Castor wears a gold pair of gloves, made from the most quality of Mareep wool.


A prime example of the hotheaded youth of modern culture. Castor loves to fight, battle, scream, run around, anything that can be deamed the least bit boyish, he will have probably partcipated in and loved, although as with everything, there are exceptions. Castor doesn't really like bullying people, even if he may seem like one, he is just full of energy. Normally when approaching people, he will probably ask them to join him in a pokemon battle before anything else.

Outside of pokemon and his boyishness, Castor can be a nice kid. He tends to stick up for people if he feels they need the help and can differenciate from both good and bad pretty easily. He does make mistakes, like all people. He doesn't really put much insights into situations unless it is absolutely called for and he will normally just go with his first thought, figuring it to be the best thought. Castor does llike to play laid back at times, when he knows he can't be wild-in-out, it's normally ends up being an either or with him, with a middle ground being non-existant.

He is not fond of Gyarados.

Items and EquipmentEdit

Castor's main and most noticeable item would be his Mareep Wool Gloves. They have the amazing ability to store and release electricity, something castor uses constantly and happily. Unlike normal wool, the electricity released from these gloves are actually useful in battle and can give people a minor, but painful shock if he rubs the two gloves enough. Normal Mareep Wool shouldn't be able to store elecity as well as these gloves because of the fact tehy were specially made by Castor's parents (whom were Mareep Breeders) as a way for him to protect himself, just in case he did something stupid or reckless.

Castor owns a rather new red model (not pink) pokegear as well as a matching pokedex of the same color.

He owns a nice amount of potions to help his pokemon and a good supply of ordinary pokeballs to work with.


Before FurohEdit

Castor was born in Olivine Town to a family of breeders. He lived with both parents and had one sibling, a younger sister. His family focused primarily on breeding Mareep for the famed (Glitter) Lighthouse of the city as a source of income, although if requested they would have breed other pokemon. The Mareep, or should I say Ampharos for the situation, that are used by the lighthouse is picked via a contest in which any breeders who feel their pokemon is worthy for the job, may participate in. The Garnet family Mareep/Ampharos normally end up the contest and the familys uses the prize money to subsist and breed more Mareep for when the chosen Ampharos is finally in need of retiring.

Ignoring situations where the family is unable to breed a viable Ampharos and lose the breeding Contest, the family managed to keep a fairly constant flow of money, because of this Castor managed to live life fairly well. His family didn’t need to worry too often and had a very large budget for their children. Castor himself went to a fairly good school in Olivine and managed to be able to grow in a fairly consistence fashion.

Castor himself never cared too much for the family tradition, although due to his age, it is only fair. During youth he never really like the Mareep that were around him, because there were just so many and to be honest, he really preferred fire pokemon. This was a rather sad, as for his tenth birthday, Castor received a Mareep of his own, because of family tradition of course.

The Mareep was named Virva long before Castor received the pokemon, because of it's possibility of being a lighthouse Ampharos instead of a breeder's partner pokemon. Castor’s Mareep was a cheerful pokemon, constantly trying to be by her trainer's side. Castor himself actually greatly disliked the Mareep when he first received her because the Mareep's cheerful personality made him feel as if it was trying to opposing him or held some negative intent. Ironically, this cheerfulness is, in a way, much like Castor, despite his cheerfulness being energetic then just happiness.

The duo were forced to stay together for most of their time since then overtime the boy managed to get used to his Mareep, but still wasn’t too close to her. From the start, the two were prohibited from battling, as Castor’s parents felt he was much too young for battling, despite other child his age were beginning their adventures around Johto already. This bothered Castor a bit; as it really went against his love of fighting and the rebellious personality he was beginning to develop. Castor soon began a habit of taking his Mareep out to train a little around town in secret. Trying to find and occasionally get into battles. The battles he did manage to get into he normally lost due to his lack of experience. Naturally, being a kid, the boy was caught and furthermore in trouble rather often. This idea of trying to train his Mareep around town and constantly getting in trouble went on in till the boy came to be about 13, where he just began to feel it wasn't worth it anymorel.

Over the time period his Mareep hadn't gotten much stronger through all this time and the bond between the two, while fair, still hadn’t gotten to a point where one could say the two had a ‘strong’ bond, despite all the time the two spent with each other. There was something missing between the two. That was in till, Castor met his Charmander, Icuru.

One day a Charmander randomly appeared in Olivine City. While it wasn’t too abnormal for wild pokemon to appear in towns, this Charmander was a little eccentric. He randomly challenged trainers he could find, but being very weak, he lost most of his battle, due to his low level of power. It was a bit odd that the pokemon was never caught, lathough the most reasonable hypothesis was that people just felt he was too weak, regardless, the pokemon still roamed freely for about a week. It's roaming ended when he choose to challenged Castor, assuming him to be just as powerful as all the other trainers he fought. Despite Castor not being a real trainer. he and Virva accepted the challenge naturally, due to the fact they hadn’t really had a ‘battle’ in a long time, since they retired from their previous habits. The battle between the lizard and the sheep was fairly quick, but tiring for both of them, but in the end, the Charmander won, just barely.

Finally achieving victory, the Charmander gained a powerfulconfident. Apparently the charmander was faced with a problem it had to face and in order to achieve it, it had to get stronger. This is why it openly challenged trainers, constantly battling in till it gained victory. When it finally defeated a trainer, it knew it could overcome it's power. Infact, this rush from victory increased this thought in the charmanders little head, he felt it was ready to over come any problem it was proposed with. With this victorious rush in mind and despite being heavily injured, the charmander ran off, out of town. Oddly, Virva seemed distraught and followed followed him rapidly, as if scared of something that was too happen. Naturally, as the pokemon partner Castor follow. When running Castor noticed something about Virva's attitude, it seemed fearful, it is possible that the charmander may have hinted to the mareep just what his problem was and from the mareep's reaction, she seemed that it knew, he wouldn't be able to overcome the goal it set out to do.

The Charmander hastily ran to a cave hidden away on the beach of Olivine. It jumped into the cave excitedly, knowing that he was now stronger.. While entering the cave shortly after the charmander, he was much out of their sight and the interior ended up being a rather large cavern, with multiple paths to choose, oddly the charmander's track also were unable to be seen. It took about ten minutes for the two to reach the Charmander, the fact they managed to get there so quickly was a great miracle. Unfortunately, by the time they finally found the hidden away room, the scene was rather dreadful. There was lake in the room, a terrifying Gyarados floating over the lake and furthermore, a heavily injured Charmander whom laid at the edge of the water, its fire on its tail was growing very dim. It seemed that it was about to finish off the Charmander in till it saw Castor and his Mareep enter. It grew furious and redirected its attention towards the intruders. A mighty fear overtook the young boy as it looked at the Gyarados’s fearsome eyes, it was the first time he actually has seen such a scary pokemon in reality. The feeling was so odd, but at the same time, he was excited. There was a strange emotion that stirred inside him, something that made him very willing to help this poor Charmander. He boldly took note of the pokemon’s eye and nodded. He ran off to the right, his Mareep followed naturally. The Gyarados took the moment to shoot a purple flame at the two, but due to the sudden movement between the duo, it missed, in a very blatant fashion, but something did happen because of the attack, the entrance was covered by this odd flame, so escape was no longer an option. This battle was a matter of life or death now and this fact made Castor grow even more excited.

Quickly, the boy called out his Mareep’s name and told it some quick instructions and ran back towards the direction of the flames, his Mareep continued in the same direction as it was going. The boy looked towards the Gyarados, he noticed that there was a mark on its head, obviously it was burned by the Charmander in the previous spout. This was a very good sign for the two. It might have just been possible for them to win this battle. The Gyarados decided to direct its attention towards the human, knowing that the Mareep would probably be useless without its human companion and furthermore, it was rather interested in what human tasted like. This managed to play into the boys plan very nicely, although he did realize the possibility of it targeting the Mareep he still had an idea covered for that as well. Rushing the boy rubbed his gloves together, for an unknown reason, while maintaining a quick run towards the fire, quickly the boy reached the flame and turned, hoping to force the Gyarados into the flame. As it turns out, the Gyarados itself wasn’t too dumb and easily avoided the flame and continued to shorten the distance between it and the boy.

Angered and frustrated the boy looked over towards his Mareep, she was glowing, but she didn’t seem to glow enough for his plan and as such, he suddenly stopped. The Gyarados continued it’s path happy to see it’s pray was willing to accept it’s demise, that was in till it received a blow to the head, where it’s burn was. The Gyarados screeched in pain, normally a hit from a human wouldn’t hurt it too much, but there was something odd about this hit. It was full of electricity! Castor was wearing a pair of wool gloves, rubbing them gather static electricity and while normally static electricity probably wouldn’t be able to do anything to a Gyarados of this caliber, there was something special about it. The gloves were made from Mareep wool! Mareep wool is known for its electrical storing properties and the fact that it came from such pedigree Mareep from the Garnet house, adds to the power of the gloves. While, still very useless against stronger pokemon, or just pokemon not weak to electricity in general, these gloves can still be useful when coming to situations where pokemon just aren’t enough.

The Gyarados was now severely angered, not injured, but just angry. The combination of the electricity, of which it horribly hates, and the fact it was hit on it’s burn it received from that annoying Charmander, made the hit really hurt, but no where near knocking it unconscious. It growled menacingly after its embarrassing cry, and proceeded to attempt to eat the kid. Fortunately, the cry left Castor enough time to gain some distance a little more to continue the game of cat and mouse between the two.

Things were very scary at this point, but at the same time, for Castor everything just grew more and more exciting. This was certainly the life for him! He looked over towards the Mareep, it was almost ready, but both his plans haven’t worked out too well for him. His first plan failed miserably and this second plan didn’t work out just how he wanted it too, especially considering just how much pain his right arm is at the moment, he probably wouldn’t be able to repeat the act he just committed.

Castor soon reached a corner, a very bad corner for him. He could have easily just turned left, but if he did that, he would be leading the Gyarados back towards the Mareep and that could cause many more complication. His time to take in consideration of possibility took much too much time, the Gyarados approached him and cornered him, there wasn’t too much left for him now that was in till a powerful thundershock came from across the room, the Mareep finally finished charging and released its attack. This was probably the worse experience the Gyarados had in its life. Its horrible weakness to electricity really got it now and the fact it was so heavily charged was much too much for it. Its body fell limp and became unconscious. Castor and Virva managed to achieve their first victory!

Slowly, Castor walked passed the fainted Gyarados in attempted to get to his Mareep and the Charmander. His Mareep did the same. The two obviously were tired with the pass they continued at the Charmander. The Mareep had only gone through a harsh battle with the Charmander a few minutes before and having to charge so much energy drained it heavily. Castor on the other hand had to spend on all his energy on running from the snake like Gyarados, as well as using a good percentage of his energy punching on top of the head, to a point where his arm is probably fractured or in some way injured. The duo looked at the condition the Charmander was in and they knew they had to do something and with how it seemed right now, only one choice was left; Catch the Charmander.

Considering the pokemon’s condition this was entirely possible, after all, the weaker the pokemon, the easier it was to catch. Castor went into his pocket; there were two pokeballs, one that was Virva that his parents gave him, when giving him the female Mareep. The second was an unused pokeball, something he stole from his parents. He pressed the button of the second pokeball to expand it and tossed in ontop of the unconscious Charmander, as expected it caught it within seconds. Slowly, Castor used his left arm and picked up and pocketed the pokeball. He looked over towards the flames; they had died down now, enough for Castor to be able to have a chance to safely get out now at least. He looked over towards his Mareep, whom gave a nod, he returned the girl to its pokeball.

Now all alone, Castor looked over towards the Gyarados, its body was very fearsome there, unconscious and unmoving. He really wanted to get out of this creepy cave now and as such he walked over towards the dying flames and rolled through them, yelling a little when hitting his arm. He got up and proceeded to walk out. That was in till a serpent appeared from out of the blue, to chase the kid down one last time. It wouldn’t allow it to be defeated so easily, not only recently taking this form! The Gyarados growled and rushed through its own purple flames to chase the boy.

Nothing was left for Castor to choose from, he had to run! The thought of sending out his Mareep to shock the Gyarados one last time hadn’t gone through his head yet, all that he could think of doing now was to run and as such he did. Castor soon felt fear again, but this fear, he didn’t like. It wasn’t the same, it didn’t give him joy, excitement; this fear was far darker. Despite him experiencing nearly the same condition, things were really different at this point. He wasn’t fighting for someone else, he wasn’t running to protect someone; he wasn’t running for the sake of something, he was only running for the sake of his life. This wasn’t fun.

Castor followed his tracks through the cavern the best he could, but they were muddled by other pokemon footstep that dwelled in the caverns. He was relying on his memories while trying to avoid this Gyarados. Things were very bad and progressively got worse as the pokemon managed to get its jaws around Castor. Things began to look very dim for the boy that in till his pokeballs fell out of his pocket, his Mareep being released directly infront of him and the Gyarados, with a quick burst of thought the Mareep sent a quick shock towards the gyarados’s mouth, as it pushed castor back a bit. It was the moment of truth, the gyarados snapped it's jaws closed with the mareep inside. It was a horrendous moment, that was in till a sudden golden light shined through the pokemon's menacing teeth. The interior of the gyarados was being attacked directly by the mareep's measly thundershock. While something painful to most pokemon, this attack was outrageous to the gyarados, it's weakness to lightning in combination to an internal attack with no protection from his skin or scales was absolutely monstrous, the gyarados would have probably died from a heart failure if it weren't for the fact the Mareep ran out of energy and fell unconscious. The Gyarados to fell unconscious, from all the aspects of the electricity in it's system. It fell promptly onto the floor, it's jaws wide open. Frantic, Castor pulled the Mareep from the gyarados’s mouth and looked at her sadly.

Virva was unconscious, but very close to death, even more so then the Charmander. It’s beautiful gold coat was now covered in it’s blood, causing a very odd mixture between the two. The little girl that belonged to him, his very close friend, was in such a horrible condition. It couldn’t cause anything but tears to the boy, as he held the pokemon. He looked away, trying to find the pokeballs he dropped under the Gyarados, finding both of them, he returned the Mareep and proceeded to run and exit the cave.

When Castor finally escaped from the cold grasps of the horrible seaside cave. The gyarados was defeated, but his pokemon were still in a bad position, he rushed to the pokemon center, to heal his pokemon, whom he believed to be in critical condition, his injuries had to be ignored atleast for this moment. After giving his pokemon to the center's nurses,he was relived to hear that both of them should be okay after a certain amount of time. He then went off to the actual human hospital in Olivine to take care of his arm. As it turned out the three all managed to get to perfect health at about the same time.

That short adventured proved to give Castor a great taste of what it would be like to be a trainer in the outside world. The thrills that can be achieved by battling and the dangers and fears that can arise from it too. It was an interesting concept to the boy and during his hospitalized time this was the main thing he really though about, asides from his pokemon themselves. He still wasn’t too sure, but there was something about being a trainer he really loved.

Regarding his family, they were horribly worried about Castor and were really unwilling to allow him to become a trainer, even after hearing his explanation of the joy he got from battling the Gyarados, hands on. While the family didn’t originally wish for him to be a trainer, this really gave a great reason for them to decline his wishes. It was just much too dangerous for them to openly let him do.

Once all three of the trio were finally okay, Castor held a secret meeting amongst him and his pokemon, regarding his wishes to be a trainer. While it was a little hard to fully converse with pokemon, he knew how to at least get yes and no answers from them. From what he asked them he could easily conclude both of them would willingly follow him if he were to become a trainer and that they supported him honestly. This gave Castor a lot of confidence with his choice on what he wished to do with life.

It should be noted that during this time, Charmander showed a bit of it's personality. It was a little stupid, while not in a negative sense, it wasn't really great at deducing simple ideas and concepts. It had a fairly straight forward mindset. This mindset also was the reasoning behind his loyalty to both Virva and Castor, as they both saved their life, risking their lives to do so. He felt loyalty and commitment to the two was the only form for him to repay them. This is also why he openly took the name Icuru from Castor, knowing that it would be a good way to show his willingness to repay him. It should also be noted that Charmander's goal in defeating the gyarados was never really fully defined nor questioned. Both Castor and Mareep were willing to believe that he just saw it as a challenge he had to overcome and nothing more, although it is very possible that their was or is a deep meaning behind the attack.

His Mareep, Virva had undergone a change after the battle too. While still remaining a cheerful persona, she was far more protective over Castor. While not an obsessive protective, she would be more cautious in the movements she would allow him to make, such as taking bad turns in the city or doing something dangerous. It possible she felt guilty over anything that may have happened to Castor during the cave incident and that she didn't put in enouhg effort, despite the fact that she was the one who defeated the gyarados. The same idea of protectionism towards both his pokemon, but especially Virva, also developed in Castor at his time, giving him doubts about becoming a trainer. He didn't want to hurt his pokemon for his sake, but their absolute willingness to join him in his quest of becoming a trainer, lessened this doubt, but still didn't remove his wish to not have them hurt.

Over the time period between his hospitalization and his 14th birthday, Castor constantly attempted to convince his parents that he should become a trainer. He tried to sell them by telling them that he had talent by how he defeated that Gyarados. He tried to explain that his pokemon are completely willing to become battling pokemon and that he was just destined to become a trainer. Training was very dangerous and they didn’t want to see their first born just die in the middle of nowhere. That was in till his 14th birthday. Castor decided if they weren’t going to allow him to go on a journey, then he would just do it by himself, by running away.

As such, he stated so to his parents, but before telling him of his plans to run away, he waited to see their reply, it was his birthday after all. Surprisingly, they finally said yes. It may have been that they overheard him or they just simply finally understood how badly he wanted to become a trainer, whatever the reasoning was, they finally gave him permission child to travel the world. This day was probably one of Castor’s happiest birthdays, if not days, of his life. His wish has finally came true! Castor could finally be a trainer!

From there it would be decided that in due time, Castor would be sent to the Furoh Region to begin his adventure, as it would be a little to awkward for him to ready himself for Johto by going too some far off town, to be put in a place where wild pokemon weren't too strong. being shipped off would have been much easier seeing as they do live in the port City of Johto, Olivine City and the idea that Castor was going to be away anyways.

Before Sailors and a Golden MagikarpEdit

During Castor's trip from Johto to Furoh, he had a small story that went on. He traveled the S.S Veronica, where he got a bit more information about Furoh, much of which he didn't give much mind, and met an important friend. He actually ended up a rroomate with this friend alongside an unown region champion, although Castor and said friend, didn't know about that secret. The anonymous champion was rather unreactive with the two and let them do their own business while he let the ship sail. The friend was named Cecilia Lulla and was obviously a girl and was rather quick to dislike Castor, but overtime, the two managed to make a small relationship and become good friends. They were about equal levels to each other and when it came time for Castor to get off the ship and start out in Furoh, the two proposed a race, winner is the first to become their respective leagues champions. The two exchanged numbers and said their goodbyes and that with that, Castor began his own journey, with a clear motive behind doing so.

After arriving in Furoh, Castor faced an ultimadam in Barley. Where should he go first? There were a number of gyms in many different directions. Unsure of what he should do, he simple choose a random number and ended up going west towards Fidona. While on his way there, he met four unknown travelers after seeing a swarm of wingulls be taken down by them. Naturally when approaching them, he took his radical approach and challenged them to a battle.

During Sailors and a Golden MagikarpEdit

Unfortuantely, nonefour of the trainers accepted his challenge and actually found him annoying. Castor was saddened by his fact, but decided to tag along with them for the moment, as the notion of Team Deception interested him and notion of making friends in this new region was appealing. Traveling with the four proved to be rather annoying, but Castor decided to harsh it, in memory of Cecilia who probably did the same for him. Two of the trainers seemed to be completely infactuated with each other, despite the fact they have only known each other for a countable number of hours. The leader of the group was a bit obnoxious and was about Castor's age, which was also a bit annoying. The fact the group completely refused to have a battle with him while they sparred was the most annoying, but he managed to keep his interior self strong and continued traveling.

The kid sailor had lost a rather rare pokemon, a golden magikarp, to a crime syndicite like entity in Furoh, called Team Deception. The five, including Castor, were now traveling to find the boys Magikarp and they apparently had a rather good idea of where it could have been, a small island off the coast of Barley. When the group finally reached there, they decided to split up, leaving the infactuated couple, the kid sailor and the leader, in two seperate groups and Castor himself in a group by himself. It was obiously they didn't like him, but Castor kept going. In memory of Cecilia, Castor decided to make a little joke, that iddn't rub off to well on Alex.

Being alone, Castor walked the coast of the island as directed, doing so, he met a mysterious man with a rhyhorn. Not immediately recognizing the pokemon, but soon enough realizing that the man was a deception member (an actual deception member.) Castor told his Mareep to shoot him with an electric attack, which due to Rhyhorn's ability didn't even touch him. This lead into a rough battle, the first of Castor in Furoh. The Rhyhorn was able to easily overpower both of Castor's pokemon due to it's superior typing to the two pokemon. It was only luck that one of Rhyhorn's attack's endagered a far away Marill, was it that Castor was able to win the battle and send the grunt running. The attack forced Castor into saving the pokemon, who, due to it's superior typing, took care of the rhyhorn easily leaving the grunt rather defenseless to Castor's brawns. After litterally sending the grunt running, Castor asked if the Marill wished to be on his team, on which is agreed and caught the creature. Now content with what he had done, Castor continued his walk on the coast, with his pokemon by his side.

Eventually, Castor recieved a call from the leader of the group, apparently the lovey dubby couple disappeared and he should come. While doing so, Castor decided to call some other people, specifically his parents and Cecilia to tell them about his first Furoh capture. His parents were proud and Cecilia was full of glee, but also very anxious to tell Castor about her capture. She had captured a Riolu, which was a really amazing feat and made Castor gain a drive to do more. Finishing the chat with his friend, Castor continued on his way to meet the two boys.

After a little bit of uneeded extra, Castor and the group entered the weird building the two became lost in. Some stuff happened and eventually a situation arose that aggrivated Castor to no end. Everyone except him was fighting and there was nothing he could do about it. He had all the will to fight, it was his nature, yet something blocked him from doing so. It was unfair. This relentlessly bothered the boy even after the fights were done. He couldn't think straight and when it came time to finally fight himself, he did so in a rageful manner, destroying everything around him, letting all the annointment out and eventually letting it out on the group he was traveling with.

Then he was hit. Normally, he would have given a straight punch to the kid, but he didn't care at this point, it wasn't important. He simply let the group leave and went on his own way, not caring about them anymore. The sailor kid got his Magikarp, well Gyarados, and that was all he intended on doing. He got his Marill, so he was happy. He left, let them clean up their own mess.

After Sailors and a Golden MagikarpEdit

When leaving, the actual grunt Castor was fighting returned and this time, was able to easily over power Castor, he had more pokemon that were more powerful and able to completely devestate his team. He struggled as the vengeful grunt pushed him into the water from the back of his rhyhorn, letting the seas do whatever they please with the boy. Thins weren't looking good for Castor. Only by luck did he manage to arrive on the shore of Barely, the island wasn't too far away for him to be seriously hurt, but the situation was very crazy for Castor. He got up slowly and walked to the nearest pokemon center, practically fainting as he got into the front door. By the next day he was fine and amazing he managed to not lose anything while lost at see and his cloths weren't that damaged. Castor was really lucky. After taking a few days to recooperate, Castor was now ready to begin his adventure a new, taking a new direction, as west wasn't so good for him.

During Nocturnal HuntEdit

Castor found himself in a forest accompanied by a few other trainers. He was sent off to catch a pokemon in the forest to partake in a challenge with the other trainer. The catch however was, that he could only use one pokemon. He quickly decided to use his Marill who was in desperate need of training. After fending off and defeating a few pokemon, Castor caught his eyes on two shroomish. A shiny and a normal shrooming. The two pokemon were fighting, in the best way the two pokemon could. The green, normal, shroomish was on the losing end and could have easily have forfit and ran away, but instead the pokemon kept fighting and of course, lost and fainted. Watching the battle, Castor was greatly attracted to the litttle green pokemon's fighting spirit and decided to come up to the pokemon and give it an offer. A normal trainer would have easily bypassed the loser and try to catch the shiny pokemon, but it seemed Castor isn't an ordinary trainer. Reviving the pokemon, Castor ofered the pokemon to join his team, the shroomish replied by simply requesting a battle, if he were to lose, then he would allow him to join Castor's party. Castor accepted and the battle between Marill and the shroomish began. Marill Barely won with the use of a new found technique of rollout.conceeding to defeat, yet again, the shroomish went and joined Castor's party under the name of Kaize, or simply Kai. Castor and his new party returned to meeting ground to continue into the next step of his adventure.

Castor was pitted against two trainer who returned with freshly caught pokemon to battle, unfortuantely, one had to quickly leave, leaving on Castor and one boy left. That boy was Douken Sota. Douken himself caught a Duskull while on his journey and was happy to see that the trainer witha Togepi was gone, as the Duskull was unable to really damage it. This left the battle between Castor and Douken and furthermore, the Duskull and the Shroomish. After a bit of prepping, the battle began, and Shroomish managed to keep up a pretty good lead, by using leech seed very early and proceeding with Night Shade. Even though the only direct attack the shroomish really had was tackle, which was unable to effect the Duskull, he did very well during the beginning of the battle. Evenally the little shroom pokemon had decided to use absorb seeing as stalling was a very dull tactic, which amazingly wasn't countered till a second absorb, where the Duskull used Disable, as Castor expected. Unfortuantely, he had no way to really counter it and was forced to stall. Night Shade after night Shade was unable to stop the shroomish relentless stall, in till the Duskull used Pain Split, which turned the battle around. Shroomish was pushed into a corner, but as part of both his and Castor's morals, they decided to not give up and continue to fight. No moves, no power, just the will to fight on, this was what won them the battle for them that day. Shroomish managed to stall a good amount of his hp back, to still retain an advantage, even without directly attacking the ghost pokemon. When forced into a corner, the Duskull tried to use Pain Split again, but this turned out to be a big mistake on it's part. Being wounded by the amount of energy it took, the pokemon damaged itself rather than absorb hp, bringing it to a point of near defeat, sadly, because of this the battle was interrupted. Douken became worried for the pokemon's health and called her back, bring an empty victory to Castor's front. The duskull may have had a chance to win the battle if it were to fight on, but the trainer's decision to withdraw the pokemon, removed that possiblity entirely. Angered by this fact, Castor tried to prevent the trainer from continuing with his decision, but Douken was very adamant with his decision. Bothered by the opposing trainer's morals, Castor left the kid and his duskull to themselves, and went on his own way to Mt. Carello.

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Alex SlasherEdit

Castor first met Alex in Sailors and a Golden Magikarp where he and a few others swarmed a (fake) Deception Hideout in order to save a kid's Shiny Magikarp.

Castor didn't particularly like Alex, his attitude towards Castor really annoyed Castor, despite the fact that Castor tried really hard to be his friend. (in his own subtle way of course) The two just didn't mesh. Ge left Alex and the others at the end of 'Sailors and a Golden Magikarp by way of the ocean and returned to Barley.

Tikal FaylenEdit

Castor met Tikal in Sailors and a Golden Magikarp, alongside Alex and a few other trainers. As stated earlier, he joined her and the others in a storm into a fake Deception Hideout. He grew rather annoyed with her personality and obsession with another trainer (Tyson) and lack of attention he recieved from her (and the group in general.) this fustration came out in blatant view, where he attacked some of her pokemon while he was suppose to partake in a plan for ruining the base.Obviously, Castor didn't like her too much.

Tyson ParkerEdit

Castor also met Tyson in Sailors and a Golden Magikarp. Like the others, Castor tried to be friends with them, but seeing as he was too preoccupied with trying to form a relationship with Tikal, Castor didn't really get too much attention from him and as such, Castor grew rather annoed with him, as his efforts to make friends in the new reigon, was thrawted by the rude group. Tyson scored a quick punch to Castor, to which he couldn't reply because of writer's absence lake of will through the entire situation, so far, Tyson is the only person to have done so without some kind of response from Castor, that being said, if Castor is to ever see Tyson again, he already knows what he will be doing to him.

Douken SotaEdit

Douken Sprite

Douken's Sprite

Castor met Douken in Nocturnal Hunt where he and a few other trainers held a small catching contest. Castor eventually came to have a battle with Douken, where Castor scored an all too worthless victory with his Shroomish against Douken's Duskull. Castor didn't particularly like Douken as their personality clashed too much. Castor felt that Douken was too leniant for poke mon battles and was much too scared of the negatives in order to be successful as a trainer.The two moved on to Mt. Carello seperately to continue their journey.


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Level 17

Level 18

Level 16

Level 18

Catch Location

Virva is Castor's first pokemon, she was given to him by his parents all the way back in Olivine

Icuru is Castor's first catch. Castor caught him back in Johto, in a cave off the shore of Olivine.

Azure is Castor's first Furoh catch. She was caught during Sailors and a Golden Magikarp on an island off the coast of Barley.

Kaize was caught by Castor in a forest between Barley and Carello during Nocturnal Hunt.


Virva is a darling Mareep, who is better fir a housepet rather than a battler. She loves her trainer very much and does her best in battle.

Icuru is a consistant pokemon, who is very loyal to Castor. He appreciates the boy for saving his life and even despite his inexperience he is willing to put his life on the line for his trainer.

Kaize is a fierce pokemon. He has a love for fighting and puts a lot of effort into his fighting. He enjoys being under Castor as his personality lets the most of his personality come out

Kaize is a fierce pokemon. He has a love for fighting and puts a lot of effort into his fighting. He enjoys being under Castor as his personality lets the most of his personality come out

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Bullet Seed


Castor's Profile

Sailors and a Golden Magikarp

Nocturnal Hunt

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