Destrixia is a town north-east of Mt. Carello. Destrixia is a diverse town of many small, distinct districts forming a small but dense city.


The Cobblestone District:Edit

Houses a Mansion belonging to Death Penalty, VIncent Yandere (a.k.a "Contemptus).

Kyokutō District:Edit

Also know as Far East District, Kyokuto has many kinds of unique resturaunts that serve Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Nowoczesny District:Edit

Also Known as Modern Disrtict.

Rolig ByenEdit

This district is probably the most calm section of the city. A sense of tranquillity just looms over the district. It's inhabitants are all middle class, and have 3-4 hour workdays. Wages pay well, but taxes for this area are also high because of large amounts of public spending. There are a lot of bakeries that specialize in making pastries, like the Danish. If you were to walk down the streets, almost all the buildings would be white. From an aerial view you can pick out this district easily because of this unique feature.

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