Gigarte Art Museum is one of the most prestigious museums in all of Furoh. It was one the first buildings constructed in Gigarte to accomadate the most important pieces of artwork that were in the museums of Lenoilia.
Gigarte Art Museum



The Great Gate of Arasam:Edit

A Painting of a grand gate that the artist invisioned to be the main entrance to Arasam. The building was, at one time, going to be constructed, but it was forgotten due to other pressing matters in the city. Later, the sketch inspired a composer, Immodest Nossaski, to write a piece of orchestration with the same title.

Growlithes Playing Poker:Edit

A series of 12 oil painting by D. A. Cuellodge that depicts Growlithes and other dog pokemon playing poker around a table. This art was some of the first art created in Furoh.

Shining Night:Edit

A picture depicting stars and the moon over a small village. In the right side of the picture is a unique structure that's purpose is left to the eye of the beholder. This work is by Post-immpressionist Ghog Nav.

Gigarte Gothic:Edit

A painting of a man holding a hoe next to his daughter. Both are in farmer's attire typical of those who farm the lands above Gigarte. The hoe represents the hard work that the Gigartans did to make a new city. The farmhouse in the background represents the Gothic style many of the farms above Gigarte were built in. The Oran berry bush behind the daughter represents the domestic life that those in the area live. Drawn by Louis Leaf.


The Carello Mural:Edit

An acient mural depicting a boy with a Charizard. Holds archeological importance because it was made by The Furites.


The Ponderer:Edit

A sculpture of a woman pondering the meaning life and fighting an internal struggle by August S. Rattata. This is an Iconic Sculpture of intellect and philosopy, used by many societies across Furoh as their heralding symbol.


Gigarte Art Museum is funded by the Endowment for The Arts which has been set aside by the city of Gigarte. Gigarte keeps its museums well funded and they in turn keep the city well funded because of the large amount of local visitors to the museums.

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