FurohDex Wiki

"If one looked past the grime and debris, one could tell this was once an artist’s paradise. Elaborate architecture depicted everything from foliage to angels to various bird pokemon. Each brick that made up the (cobblestone) street had a carving of all sorts of scenes. These were as simple as stick figures walking together, or as elaborate as a crisp sunset set behind a magnificent pidgeot. It must have been a painstaking process to build the city, but the results must have been spectacular. Nowadays, those features were worn away, cracked, covered with graffiti, or in some other state of disrepair."

-from "Lopsided Leviathan of Languid Lenoilia"

Tragedy has defined Lenoilia's history. Pollution from the city of Petropolis ruined the ecosystem around the town, causing tourism and gerneral health to decline. As people moved away to a replacement city, Gigarte, the town began to be claimed by time and the elements. While not enough time has passed for buildings to crumble or plant life to overgrow the city, the waters around and in the city have become poisoned. The majority of the populace has left, but a few have chosen to stay behind in the largely vacant city. The thieves and thugs who stayed behind merged with others, and gang warfare has taken over the city.


There is a pokemon center, which is the only stable location in the city. Unlike the rest, the inside is clean and maintained by the lone Joy stationed there. At first it was used as a training area for new arrival nurses, to show the worst that Furoh had to offer. However this practice was rethought and more experienced nurses have started to be rotated out on a monthly basis. Other than the pokecenter, there are several black markets and shops of dubious nature. These usually tend to change locations constantly.

Marowak Graveyard:[]

On the outskirts of Lenolia lies the breeding grounds for wild Marowak. The ground is littered with the pokemons’ skulls, along with a population of cubone mourning their losses. Ghost and dark pokemon roam the area, keeping nosy humans away from the haunted site. It’s rumored that a mausoleum lies in the center, but no one has yet braved the gravesite.