Nurse Joy is no stranger to Furoh. There has been a Nurse Joy at a pokecenter since colonization began, and some say that, besides the four founders, she is the fifth (or sixth, depending on who you speak with) person to come to Furoh. But not all Joys are the same.

Port Barley:Edit

The Port Barley Pokecenter is manned by Nurses who are specially trained in the special needs of pokemon from all regions and all types. This is the training center for any pokemon nurses from outlying regions. The Head Nurse is familiar with the surrounding areas, including the nearby Butterfree Farm.

Gigarte: Edit

There two nurses manning the Gigarte pokecenter, a day nurse and a night nurse. Despite the long shifts (each work twelve hours at a time), the two handle the pokecenter with (mostly) professional security. The day Nurse has recently had her chansey attacked in secret. She has become distrustful of trainers because of this, and tends to belittle them in subtle ways. The night nurse is, alternately, cheerful and quite positive.

Lenoilia: Edit

Lenoilia was, at one time, manned by the newest Joy to come to the island. She was transferred to Arasam when it was determined that Lenoilia was far to dangerous for an inexperienced Joy. In Lenoilia, her little brother, Reilly came to visit. While he was out exploring and being a good lad and staying out of the way, she met and fell for a trainer on his journey. The trainer faced some hardships in the polluted town, but the two shared some time together, until he left to find his stolen pokemon. When she transferred, she tried to contact him, but he hadn't answered. In her new station of Arasam she and the adventurer talked things out and agreed to be friends.

Arasam: Edit

Arasam, being a Gym Town, and the largest nearby city, is manned by a contingent of Joys that rotate out. Recently there was a transfer between this pokecenter and the one in Lenoilia, and backup is being sent there, also from Arasam. The newest Joy is also a contest judge.

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