Pete is a retired professional surfer and clubhouse manger for the Barley chapter of the Pokemon Fan Club. Any registered PANE member may use him for their RPs, so long as they don't kill him off or anything major like that.

Appearance Edit

Pete is about 43 years old, and he makes no effort to hide it. His blond, shoulder-length, curly hair has noticeble graying areas that make him look more "distinguised" than old. His youthful green eyes are enough to give new visitors comfort, while his face remains wrinkle free. His reasonable muscle tone shows he's no cripple, and though he has a few scars from his surfing days, he is otherwise healthy looking.

His normal attire is a white T-shirt with the words "Sinnoh Surfing League" on it, black swiiming trunks, and brown flip-flop sandals. This is often coupled with the smell of sea water, paricularly if he had just been out surfing.

Personality Edit

Despite his age, Pete acts as though he's still in his 20's. He is always thrilled to meet new faces and isn't afraid to r about his days as a pro surfer. Though his speech is littered with outdated phrases (wicked, gnarly, sweet, bummer), young trainers feel they are talking to a friend rather than an elder.

Biography Edit

Work in Progress

Pokemon Edit

Pete Jr. Edit

Pete Jr. is Pete's Prinplup, his starter from his short trainer adventrue. He has been by his master's side from their first badge to their first major wave to their move to Furoh.

Shelter Pokemon Edit

The clubhouse is also home to various abandoned and/or injured pokemon in need of a good home. Pete tries to make their lives as fun as possible, even going as far as bringing some of them surfing. He has particularly high hopes for a surfing pichu...

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