"Lastly, the psychic and dark pokemon trainer from Sinnoh, Dusk,claimed the south-western portion of the main island as his own. There, he cleared the fields and the forests and built a massive city, littered with skyscrapers, business offices, apartments and other cold, impersonal buildings that towered into the sky. Jobs of all kinds began to sprout up, and in the beginning, the other three trainers and their people were happy with the city. However, about thirty years ago, the pollution spewing from the city that had merely been a minor annoyance previously grew into a serious problem when it forced the people of the south-eastern city of Lenoilia to evacuate. Ghost pokemon and honor-less, heartless criminals took over the area of Lenoilia, and when faced with complaints about it, Dusk refused to aid anyone, earning him the contempt of Blue and Silver both. Currently, Dusk runs his city still with an iron fist, allowing no crimes and no misdeeds, lest they be eliminated by the pokemon task force."

Petropolis is the largest city on the mainland, Petropolis is the major manufacturing center of Furoh. Giant skyscrapers can be seen for miles around, creating quite a sight. However, the great city comes at a cost: pollution is a massive problem. There is a lake in the middle of the city which all the sewage and pollution is dumped into. A man-made river carries the sewage downstream to meet up with the natural river, which then branches off to our run-down place in the southeast. There’s also a gym, contest hall, and pokeathlon dome.


Founded by Dusk.


PokeKing HQEdit

Fast food giant PokeKing has its main headquarters in the heart of Petropolis.

Ganersyn ColiseumEdit

Location of the Harrington Cup.

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