The Pokemon Fan Clubs are the source for information on training or any local happenings involving pokemon. Pokemon lovers from all over gather here to dicuss their favorite pokemon and battle strategies. These clubs tend to be more quiet than the busy pokecenters, perfect for new (and shy) trainers.

PFCs tend to be in large cities with large fanbases, though more are appearing in small towns where no pokecenters are present. The clubs vary in appearance; they can be in people's homes, inside department stores, or even as simple as a grassy field.

The following is a list of club locations within Furoh. RPers are encouraged to add to the list:

Barley Edit

The clubhouse is located on the beach at the end of the Barley Boardwalk (opposite to the warehouse district). It is a mid-size, one-story house situated among the grassy dunes of the Barley beach. Though old in appearance, it is well kept; no cracked paint or any other signs of decay. The roof is flat with wooden railing all around, serving as a patio for big parties. On top of the roof is a flagpole displaying an emblematic pokeball swinging in the wind.

As visitors walk up a pebble pathway and into the house, they will notice that the club is set up more like a home. A kitchen, dining room, and living room are clearly visible from the doorway. The rooms have different flooring to identify their status as separate entities, yet the lack of walls make the three rooms feel like one big one. As they enter, the visitors will see a hallway leading to more bedrooms and a stairway leading up to the rooftop patio. In the back is a glass door leading to a large pool area overlooking the ocean. In addition to a couple of lounge chairs and a hammock, a prinplup makes his home here, often seen swimming or preening himself on a lounge chair.

Back inside, there is a seating area with white furniture, adjacent to a trophy case lined with various achievements. The majority of the trophies are from surfing competitions, all rewarded to Pete “The Prinplup Prince” Finnigan. A black and white photo in the case shows Pete and his prinplup Pete Jr.  surfing on a single surfboard. There are also a couple badges from the Sinnoh region.

The club also serves as the home to retired surfer and clubhouse manager Pete Finnigan. Though retired, he still acts like a 20 something, spontaneously hosting a midnight rave on the rooftop patio. When he's not partying or surfing, he's introducing new trainers to the city and providing a wealth of info on the training, pokemon, etc.

In addition to serving trainers, this fan club doubles as a shelter for abandoned and/or injured pokemon. Some may be available for adoption should a pokemon desire to go with a trainer.

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