Sebastian Cousteau is a non-playable character created by +Veteran Pumpkin King for "Pokemon: A New Era". Sebastian's first appearance was in Gone Fishing...

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Appearance Edit

Sebastian has a tall and slender frame, almost lanky. He consistently dyes his hair a deep blue, keeping his dark brown roots at bay. His emerald eyes are bright and match beautifully with his hair color. Sebastian prefers to dress casually, opting to wear ripped, stonewashed jeans with a graphic t-shirt of sorts.

Personality Edit

Rather laid-back, Sebastian is hard to annoy. The only being in existence that has managed to annoy him is Vincent's rambunctious Squirtle. Sebastian can often be found in the kitchen when at home or out with his girlfriend Lisa. He is kind-hearted and finds it hard to deny someone of anything. For this, he can be seen as a pushover, but not many take advantage of him.

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Marina Edit

A young Marill given as a gift.

Relationships Edit

Hoenn League Champion Wallace Edit

Cousin of Sebastian

Vincent Waters Edit

House guest of Sebastian

Lisa Loveridge Edit

Girlfriend of Sebastian

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