Early Exploration of the Grotto after the Disaster

What most refer to as the "Gigarte Grotto Disaster" has caused a new level of paranoia in Gigarte. A recent intrusion of pollutants from an illegal factory has utterly destroyed a cave home to many wild Pokemon. Several people who discovered this intrusion early on have become local celebrities in what is still an unfolding story.

What happened?Edit

It all began when locals at an Art Festival in Tigiate Square heard about a horrible smell near an unexplored Grotto. To protect their homes, the locals investigated further, braving harsh conditions, including a fire, near zero oxygen, and vicous Pokemon driven insane by the intense conditions. Eventually, the locals found themselves in a factory creating bizzarre Pokeballs and were ambushed by strange men who were presumably working the factory. To prevent any further discovery, these factory workers blew a section of the cave up in a fiery explosion, nearly killing the locals. They were lucky and had minimal injuries, which were treated at a hospital. However, these locals seem to have lasting effects from their journey, such as having a lower lung capacity.


The people were utterly outraged when they learned of the events. It was the buzz of all the news outlets, and no source of media was excluded from the coverage. A flood of volunteers have arisen to clean up the grotto for those living in and near it as well for the police officers who are investigating the grotto. Protests were held at the Gigarte Town Hall to "Save Gigarte's Grotto!". The event has raised the concern that Petropolis may be trying to destroy the new city and conditions have drastically declined. The locals first to react to the disaster have been heralded heroes.

Outside of Gigarte it was mentioned on P.A.N.E. Channel 4 news which is a Furoh wide news broadcaster.

The InvestigationEdit

The case is under investigation by the Gigarte police, who have been working with those who escaped the cave to find out what the purpose of the pokeballs created in the factory. The rest is mostly classified, except now the cave is clean enough for investigations to probe further.

The Heros of the DisasterEdit

Amelia Himan, Daniel Worthington, Alex Kestrel, Delainey, Iko Toriyama, Crystal Halo, and Cheri Pucket were the brave locals that ventured into the cave. These names haven't been released outside of those in Gigarte due to the investigation.

The Heros of the InvestigationEdit

The investigation is ongoing.

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