"This is the Pokédex. It automatically records data on Pokémon you've seen or caught. It's a high-tech encyclopedia!" -Professor Oak

The Pokédex is a handheld device, similar to an E-book in appearance, that gives information about all recorded Pokemon in its database.

The most popular Pokédex model is the HANDY model, from model 808 to the state-of-the-art 910, though other knock-off brands may be purchased.

Invented by Professor Samuel Oak, the noted Pokémon researcher, the Pokédex has yet to be mass-produced, and as such, there are few in existence and cannot be purchased from a store.

Pokédexes are not given to all trainers, but only to those of exceptional potential and skill. As a prize, Pokédexes may be won from contests or radio games, but this is a rare occurrence, as Pokédexes are not cheap.


The Pokédex is an invaluable tool for today's trainer. By merely activating the SCAN function, one can identify a species of Pokémon, their current level, and their current stamina (known sometimes as HP, or Hit Points). On newer Pokédex models, one can also determine the Pokémon's 'move set', an arbitrary list of abilities that trainers can command their Pokémon to do without expressive training. It is hypothesized that these abilities correspond with the Pokémon's genetic code, but many scientists dispute this claim.

An anti-theft system is implemented in all versions of the Pokédex, and depending on the trainer's preferences, can include verbal and thumb print identification.

Some models of Pokédexes have a networking feature, able to connect with other trainer's Pokédexes and alerting the owners to the other's presence. Of course, for privacy reasons, this can be turned off.

For the sight-impaired, the DEXTER automated intelligence software has been included in all versions of the Pokédex. DEXTER is a male voice (that can be changed in recent models to a female voice dubbed DEXTRIA) that voices aloud the options displayed on the Pokédex.

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