Troy is an Mod-controlled NPC and Leader of the Arasam Hall. His first appearance was in On Emberwing.

Troy of Arasam
Troy and Mawwie


21 April (age 21), Arasam, Furoh


Hall Leader


Twenty Badges - Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh and Orange Leagues Ex Gym Leader of Arasam


Metalliclaw Ribbon

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Troy is a stunningly handsome young man with a fashion sense that come so naturally it hurts. Yes girls, he is gay. Not only that, he is taken. But that's for the bio section!
Slender and toned, Troy shows off his arms all of the time, opting to wear sleeveless shirts and stylish wristbands to really show off his assets in the best way. All of his clothes are designer, some designed by his good self, and his appearance means a lot to him. His glossy black hair is styled into neatly sweeping curls on either side of his head to uncover his face completely where bright blue eyes shine merrily. Most people remark upon Troy's eyes after seeing them as they are so intensely blue and contrast quite harshly with his black hair.

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Metalliclaw Ribbon

Winners at the Arasam Hall receive the Metalliclaw Ribbon and their Pokemon may be tutored in either Flash Cannon or Sand Tomb (if possible).

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Pokemon Edit

The following Pokemon are known to be in Troy's possession. It should be noted, however, that he has a large collection of steel and ground type Pokemon that may not have appeared yet and those that have may not have shown off all their attacks or abilities.

Mawwie The Don Skarmory Marowak Steelix
Mawile Thedon

Type: Steel
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Attacks: Bite, Flash Cannon

Type: Ground
Ability: Sturdy
Attacks: Rollout, Earth Power

Type: Steel/Flying



Type: Ground



Type: Steel/Ground



Constantly out of her Pokeball, Mawwie is Troy's first partner and trusted friend. Her first appearance was in On Emberwings. Shiny and powerful, The Don is clearly a powerhouse of mammoth proportions! His first appearance was in Getting the Metalliclaws Out!.

Successful Challengers Edit

  1. Darryn Kellor
  2. Woodrow Spencer
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